There are a lot of essential oils that offer calming effects for emotions. You can relieve sadness, restlessness and nervousness with essential oils. Also there are essential oils that can help with emotional storms that come from monthly periods.


For sadness, worries and restlessness

Frankincense, patchouli and ylang ylang help with calmness during sadness. You can apply the essential oils to your heart or to your feet (dilute the oils to one big table-spoon of coconut oil). You can also massage the oil blend to your shoulders. DoTerra has an oil blend called Console, where you can find those essential oils too. You can also find it as a roller bottle.

Calming the emotional storms caused by hormones

Sage, lavender, bergamot and Roman chamomile can calm the emotional storms caused by hormones. You can mix one drop of each oil (or two if you use only one of these oils) to 1-2 table spoons of coconut oil. Massage the oil blend to your stomach or put the oils to diffuser. DoTerra has also an oil blend called Clary Calm, where you can find all these essential oils. Clary calm also cools your skin from heat. If you are pregnant or nursing consult your doctor.

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