You can improve your health with different foods from your fridge or cupboards. Here are some tips:

  • Cold pressed olive oil and coconut oil can be used for diluting essential oils, reducing ear wax, skin infection and chopped lips. I have replaced almost all lotions and lip balms with coconut oil
  • Fresh ginger is good for flues, coughs, fevers, digestion, nausea, menstrual pain and increasing blood flow. Ginger is great with cold and hot water when you are starting to get ill. If you don’t like the taste of ginger, you can make it sweater with honey or something else.
  • Dry plums, fruit and figs help with constipation


  • Apple cider vinegar helps with inflammation in joints, flues, fungal infections in skin and problems with hair and scalp.
  • Lingonberry and cranberries (fresh juice too)  help with urinary track health and preventing infections in it. I know people who have tested this and have been happy with the results.
  • Lemon (or lemon oil) can be used for treating calluses, fever, digestion problems, infections, sore throat and oral candidiasis.


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