Happy New Year 2019!!I saw a while ago doTerra’s elephant diffuser. I have a three-year-old at home, so I thought that it would be perfect for his room. I wasn’t able to order it to Europe until Christmas. I will review it here.

Christmas products and promo items


  • Cute appearance! It looks perfect for a kid’s room
  • Few sounds (waves, birds and lullaby). Sounds are little bit mechanic.
  • Diffuser works as well as regular one


  • Stars lights in the sky could be bigger
  • filling water is little trickier than normally. You need to put the water through the elephant’s trunk (it’s probably because all of the extra mechanics in the diffuser).
  • You will get USB cord with the diffuser, but you need your own plug pin if you want to use it with a socket. I need to borrow my phone chargers plug pins at the moment.

Why do I need a diffuser?

  • Essential oils work wonderfully diffused. I use a diffuser if we are sick or getting sick, I need to uplift moods or calm them. 5-15 minutes is enough time.

doTerra doesn’t carry elephant diffuser permanently. It is being sold at the moment. The price is around 70e. Order elephant diffuser: sanna.tiisanoja@gmail.com

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