Reduce anxiety with essential oils


Anxiety is the body’s way of reacting to physical or emotional threat. We also may get anxiety for things that might appear. It is normal to have anxiety at times, but for some people is stays for longer periods of times and it’s difficult to get rid of. If anxiety stays for longer periods of time, it’s good to see medical professionals about that. A lot of people get benefits from healthy way of living, exercise, meditation and yoga. Aromatherapy can also help anxiety at home.


Anxiety often makes muscles tense. You can make your own massage oil with mixing:

  • 3 tea spoons of cold pressed vegetable oil
  • 2 drops of geranium oil
  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • 1 drop of basil oil

You can also put couple of drops geranium and lavender oil to diffuser.


Anxiety may cause sleeplessness. You can help sleeplessness and also relax your muscles with adding camomile or lavender oil to your tea. You can also rub two drops of them to your temples and put two drops to your steamer when going to bed.




Geranium was completely unfamiliar to me. It is amazing with treating skin and hair. It has been used for making hair and skin beautiful since the Egyptian times. Geranium oil is diffused from the whole geranium plant. The scent of geranium is beautiful and you can make your own 100% pure perfume. The aroma of geranium releases tension and stress. Think how wonderful, relaxing, pure parfume! You can mix geranium to your shampoo or conditioner and your night cream or make your own. Geranium is also told to repel insects.

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Essential oils and yoga


A lot of people seek calming experiences from yoga for their everyday life. A moment, where they can take a break from their shopping lists, work phone calls and their own thoughts. Some also want yoga to improve their bodies, make it stronger, more limber and healthier. I’m not going to get deeper with yoga asanas here, but with essential oils you can get even better health benefits with your yoga practise.

Diffuse essential oils while doing yoga practise

Depending of the time of the day and the mood you are seeking for, with diffusing oils, you can affect your state of mind. With Lavender, Valor or Frankincense, you can relax your mind. You can get more energy with citrus oils, like Lemon, Lime or Wild orange. You only need two drops of essential oils to your diffuser



Essential oils on your skin during or after yoga practise

Before or after yoga, you can release tensions in your muscles with Lavender or Valor oil. You can put two drops to coconut or olive oil and on to your sour muscles. If you practise strength yoga, vinyasa yoga or ashtanga yoga and your muscles seem sour after, you can put two drops of peppermint oil or doTerra’s Deep Blue oil blend that releases pain from your muscles or joints. You can dilute the oils with coconut or olive oil.


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