Which essential oils to take for cabin life?

Hello there!

Our summer season in our allotment garden cabin is in full force and I found myself thinking which essential oils should I take along. For bug bites, cuts etc. doTerra’s tea tree oil (Melaleuca) is great. It disinfects naturally and calms irritated skin. You can apply couple of drops straight to the skin, but for larger area, sensitive skin or kids, I would use a carrier oil. Terrashield spray is very easy to grab if you don’t want to take carrier oil with you.

Onguard spray that has alcohol, citrus, clove and cinnamun is a great alternative to regural disinfection sprays. Now in corona season, I barely leave my house without it. It has alcohol that kills the bacteria and viruses, but doesn’t have all the other chemicals. It has the plants that boost your own immune system.

Lavender is calming, if you need help to sleep in a strange place. Deep Blue rub is very powerful for relaxing aching muscles, if they get stuck in all the planting work or sleeping in a not so comfirtable bed.


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