Scalp spray recipe with essential oils

Lovely spring time here in Finland!

Leaves on trees, some flowers are starting to bloom and more light! I love it! I made my self a natural scalp spray to freshen up and cool my scalp.

Years ago I had to reduce the amount of chemicals in my hair and scalp. My scalp started to regurlarly get irritated with hair coloring, dry shampoo and all the chemicals I was dumpig on it. Sometimes it still gets dry and irritated. This has been a wonderdul recipe for me and my son, who has the same problem sometimes. You can apply it to dry or wet scalp.

Easy natural scalp spray recipe (shake always before use):

  • Spray bottle almost full of water
  • 2 drops of doTerra’s peppermint
  • 2 drops of doTerra’s lavender
  • 2 drops of doTerra’s rosemary


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Indian head massage with essential oils

Indian head massage includes a serie of massage movements that touches the scalp very softly and very firmly. Indian head massage also includes massage for shoulders, neck and upper arms. A person getting the massage sits in a chair with normal clothes on.

Few years ago Indian head massage was very popular in Finland. Now I feel that it’s not that popular anymore, but it is very relaxing and easy to do at home. Hair dressers use to offer it every where and it was taught in hair dresser schools. Of course spas, masseurs and beauticians still offer it. Indian head massage is extremely old thing, over 1000 years old, so I assume that it will come back as a trend again. If you need help with doing it at home, there are classes for it.



Essential oils for indian head massage

Good carrier oils for scalp are coconut, sesame, olive and almond oil. You can mix 100% pure essential oils to a carrier oil. Lavender oil relaxes and reduces stress. doTerra also has an oil blend called Balance that will help you to relax the whole body. There are many leaf oils in it, camomile and frankincense. Frankincense helps to focus your mind. If you want more energy and uplifting: Peppermint, lime, wild orange and grapefruit oils help with that. doTerra also has an oil blend called Cheer, that helps to lift your spirit and bring you cheer. It has wild orange peel, anise, bud of clove, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon in it.

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Essial oils to help with your hair and scalp


My story with a difficult scalp
Oh boy, do I know problems with scalp! I had long seasons when I had a lot of dandruff and itching spots in my scalp. During winters it got worse, but also sometimes during summer time. Sometimes I would upset my scalp by dyeing my hair and sometimes it did nothing. At times dry shampoo was a problem, but sometimes not. I use to die my hair for 15 years every 1-2 months without a stop. Than I just stopped. I decided that my hair color was fine. Full stop!
I started to get annoyed with the smell of coloring more and more during the years and I started to believe that the dying and dry shampoo didn’t do anything good for my scalp. My scalp started to do better. After six months when I stopped coloring my hair, my scalp was fine. When I quit dry shampoo it helped even more. I have a very fine and thin hair. I get it from both side of the family and there is nothing I can do about it. My hair dresser thinks I also have a tight scalp, that prevents nutrients from getting into my hair follicles. I should massage it more often.
The situation now
I still have little dandruff every now and then, mostly during winter or if I have gotten sun into my scalp, but the worse is absolutely behind me. I have also reduced chemicals in my scalp. I don’t use commercial hairspray, except on a very rare occasion.
I have started to make my own hairspray, that you will get a recipe for later! I have started to use dry shampoo again sometimes (not often at all). I use Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo. It is not as handy as the spray ones, but it will do its job. I find it little bit messy when putting it on. Don’t put it on with your party shirt on!
Reasons for problems with scalp and hair
The problems with the scalp can be caused by stress, poor nutrition, illness or wrong kind of products. Some medication and hormones can cause hair to get thin. Hair can get greasy because of genes and hormone imbalance. The skin gets flaky because of over production of cells or yeast infection. Fungal infection may cause big amounts of hair to fall off.
My own hair used to got greasy very quickly before. I used to wash it very often and I used chemical shampoos. Than I started to cut down the amount of washing and I left the chemical shampoos all together.  It has balanced out my scalp a lot!  Because I don’t use chemical hair products, except on a rare occasion, I don’t even have a need for a heavier wash.
When you are used to chemical shampoos, your hair gets different when you leave them out. So you need to be patient with the “rehab process”! 🙂 It gets worse, before it gets better! This also happened to me for few weeks. My hair was down a lot! 🙂 Usually now I rinse my hair and scalp with warm water. You can get good natural shampoos and conditioners (some are soap bars, where there is less packaging needed) from Lush, if you don’t feel like making your own!
DIY conditioner for dry, flaky or red scalp:
                                 2 drops of geranium/lavender oil
                                 1 drop sandal wood oil
                                 2,5 tea-spoon of olive oil
                              Massage and rinse well!!
DIY Shampoo for greasy scalp:
                                  3 drops of cypress oil
                                  2 drops of rosemary oil
                                  2 drops of lemon oil
                                  5 tea-spoon of castile soap (f.e Dr Bronner’s baby or DoTerra’s cleaning concentrate)
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