Naturally healthy digestion


Healthy digestion effects on so many things: Food allergies, healthy immune system, quality of sleep, voice etc. In Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda diet healthy digestion is thought to be very important. We often eat too fast processed food and don’t exercise enough.

They recommend in Ayurveda diet lemon and ginger before main meals to activate salivary glands for good digestion. I’ve been drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning for years. I have noticed that it’s good for my sensitive stomach before food.

Prebiotics and probiotics

In the West doctors stress the importance of fiber. Nutritional therapists in Finland recommend that people would get  25-30 grams of fiber a day. Many people don’t get that. Eating whole wheat will help with that.

Nutritional therapist also recommend prebiotics. They are components of food that haven’t been digested. You can get them from fruit and vegetables. They add good bacteria in the gut and they are food for probiotics. 80% of your immune system happens in your intestines. Probiotics are also very important. You can get them from yogurt and fermented food like sauerkraut and kimchi.


Nutritional therapist recommend drinking enough water for those who suffer from bad digestion. The recommendation is 1-1,5 liters a day. In Chinese medicine and indian Ayurveda diet they don’t recommend cold water like we are used to in the West. They feel that the water should be warmer than from the fridge.

Cleansing and improving immune system

Cleansing and fasting is so popular nowadays. I have never really tried that. I decided however to try doTerra’s GX assist cleansing and PB Assist for 10 days each. GX Assist has essential oils in it that cleans intestines and then PB Assist offers probiotics.

The first day I had taken GX Assist, my sensitive stomach was bubbling for sure. After that I didn’t notice anything. I will probably blog after a while and let you guys now, how my trial went and did I notice any changes.

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Essential oils for nails, cuticles and hands

In this weak’s vlog I share some tips on how to naturally take care of your nails, hands and cuticles. For my long nails, it has helped that I drink green smoothies. I have cut back dairy and use oils for my hands. This vlog continues my last article. If you need tips on how to take care of your feet and toe nails, I have also article about that.

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