Essential oils for stronger nails


Sometimes I have thought about, how you get used to your nails and think that that’ s the way they are always going to look like. The history with my nails has changed a lot! I had very good nails growing up and as a teenager. Than they got worse (I believe due to my diet). I had acrylic nails for years and two years ago I notices that my nails were very long and strong. I can’t really bend them. Something had clearly changed, because they use to break all the time.

My number one tip for strong nails are green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. I put them icy in my morning smoothie and add some green powder too. That is the only change I have made to my diet addition to cutting back a lot of diary. Coconut oil gets into my nails a lot, because I dilute my essential oils almost daily. I have read that almond oil is also good for the nails.

Here are some tips for improving your nails with essential oils:

  • Calendula oil is great for nails and cuticles. Add calendula oil or lotion for your DIY nail products
  • Tea tree oil is good for treating nail fungus (read more here about taking care of your feet with oils). Add two drops of tea tree oil to two table spoons of almond oil and apply it to your nails and cuticles.
  • For other infections in your nails and cuticles you can use eucalyptus or patchouli oil in same ratio as tea tree oil.

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Essential oils for Sport

In this video I talk about how somebody who exercises can use their essential oils. You can use your oils for sore muscles and joints, athlete’s foot and nail fungus, disinfecting sports gear and boosting your immune system.


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Essential oils for athletes


The World Championships for athletes made me think about athletes and essential oils. How could an athlete or somebody who enjoys exercising use their oils? Here are some tips:

  • Relax achy or tired muscles and joints

Peppermint can be used to relax achy muscles and joints. Take couple of drops of peppemint (or doTerra’s Deep Blue oil blend) and mix it to coconut oil or some other carrier oil and massage it to the place you need. You can drink doTerra’s Peppermint oil by adding a drop to water or some other drink. Lavender can be used to relax and recover tired muscles.

  • Boost immune support

Clover and Frankincense has been proven to add white cell account in the laboratories, which helps your body to fight germs. You can add two drops, diluted with carrier oil to your wrists or bottom of your feet, for example. Frankincense also renews cells, so I put a couple of drops to it to my face every evening, double effect!

  • Clean sports gear in a non toxic way

Especially if you have a man in your life who loves to exercise, you may have noticed that sports gear brings extra odor in to your life. Lemon oil disinfects shoes, ends of the clubs and helmets, where there is bacteria. You can either wipe with a cloth with a couple of drops of lemon oil in it or make your own spray with lemon oil, water and maybe some castile soap (or doTerra’s cleaning concentrate). Lemon makes stains fade in the sun, but it can also dilute colors, so be careful with that. If you want to make your whites whiter, that’s a good tip for that purpose. The smell of lemon, makes the sport gear smell nicer.

  • Avoid athlete’s foot and nail fungus or treat them

If you have ever suffered from athlete’s foot or nail fungus, you know those are nasty. Wiping your toe nails and feet with couple of drops of tea tree oil (Melaleuca) you can improve your chances with fight against bacteria. Swimming or showering in public places increases your chances in getting skin infections. Tea tree oil has been used since 1920’s in Australia to treat skin infections. I swim a lot in swimming halls. If I have any cuts in my feets or near my toe nails, I clean them with tea tree oil after to make sure I don’t get any infections.

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