Zone therapy with essential oils


Traditional zone therapy

Traditional zone therapy is based on a theory, that there are areas in your feet and hands, that by touching them you can influence the health of a specific organ or body part. By touching a specific part of feet or hands, you can increase energy flow in those areas and blood flow in those organs. The treatment can release tension, balance organs and increase immune support. The zone therapists can treat colic, pollen allergy, menstrual cramps etc.


Zone therapy is a treatment that is thousands of years old and was started in Western Asia, Japan and China. In Egypt they practised zone therapy already in 2500 B.C according to drawings they have found. In the west, zone therapy started in the beginning of 20th century.

Essential oils in zone therapy

Essential oils help to increase the benefits of zone therapy and many zone therapists use essential oils to boost the healthy effects on their patients. Zone therapists can diffuse oils, put them into tissue on their patient’s face and mix them into carrier oil and apply them on their patient’s skin. Lavender oil and doTerra’s Balance help balance and take stress out of the body. Lemon oil and doTerra’s Purify oil cleanse the body and organs. If you need an energy boost, citrus oils like wild orange and lime oil can help.


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Essential oils for muscle pain


I’m sure everyone suffers from muscle pain every now and then. When you start a new hobby, work on the yard or play with the kids and use the muscles you normally don’t, you are guaranteed to have muscle pain. And then there are people like me, who have difficulty remembering days, when you woke up without pain. Regardless of which category you belong to, essential oils can help you if you want to try something else than the anti-inflammotary drugs.

What oils should you choose for your cupboard?

  1. Peppermint oil releases pain efficiently. That is my favourite oil. I use it daily for my lower back and hips. It works very fast! DoTerra has efficient oil blend called Deep Blue, that is good for body builders, weight lifters and other athletes. Peppermint also helps with tooth ache, head ache and rheumatism. You can add it to your bath or mix two drops to carrier oil and on to your skin. I use occasionally Deep Blue supplement daily (it has caraway, peppermint and ginger in it and also frankincense and turmeric). I have noticed that I don’t need to use Deep Blue oil than as much. DoTerra also has Deep Blue lotion, if you don’t want to mix the oils. My mother likes it for her sciatica pain.
  2. Lavender reduces inflammation and swelling by increasing blood flow. It also has calming impact. You should put two drops to carrier oil and rub it to area. You can also add few drops to your bath water.
  3. Rosemary releases pain. It helps with inflammation in joints and also heals the skin.  You can dilute it to carrier oil and rub it to the area (beside the point, but rosemary helps with cellulite too).
  4. Black Pepper releases muscle pain efficiently. It warms the muscle and helps with blood flow. Great oil for people who work out! You should put two drops to carrier oil and on to the skin.
  5. Thyme is great oil for muscle pain, joint pain and rheumatism. Thyme also lowers blood pressure as well as increase blood circulation. Thyme is great for sports injuries too. thymes-1287441_960_720

Ginger helps with muscle pain, joint pain and muscle cramps. Ginger should be diluted to carrier oil and then be rubbed to the wanted area. Ginger is also good for menstrual cramps.

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