Recipes for taking essential oils internally

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I thought about giving tips this week for natural pain relief and boosting your immune system. Essential oils are very strong, that’s why you should be very careful with them. Make sure that the essential oils that you use are safe to use internally. 37 essential oils from doTerra can be used internally at the moment. Couple of drops go a long way!

You can mix essential oils to your smoothies or tea or add them to veggie capsules. Make sure you get your veggies capsules from a trusted place. Veggie capsules can be taken couple of times a day. doTerra recommends for an adult 12-24 drops of essential oils in 24 hours/ 2-4 drops at a time. You can always also apply the essential oils on to your skin diluted with carrier oil. I use the essential oils mostly like that.


Bomb for boosting immune system

For one veggie capsule:

1 drop of doTerra’s Onguard oil blend

1 drop of oregano oil

1 drop of lemon oil


Exploding the pain away

For one veggie capsule (you can take it in every 6-8 hours)

1 drop of lemon grass oil

1 drop of frankincense oil

1 drop of marjoram oil


for one veggie capsule:

2 drops of frankincense oil

2 drops of marjoram or oregano oil

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Aromatherapy for head ache

One of the first things that I tried essential oils for last spring was head ache. My job is pretty physical and I carry around my heavy toddler quite a lot. Jammed muscles in my neck and shoulders cause head ache sometimes. Sometimes tired eyes cause it. I use to take anti-inflammatory drugs sometimes, but now I rarely use them. For me it helps almost immediately to put a drop of peppermint oil to my temples and neck (mixed together with coconut oil).


Here are some essential oils that help with different kinds of head ache. Put two drops to massage oil/ lotion and rub it to your shoulders, neck, feet or toes. You can also mix essential oils to your bath soap (or make your own bath soap) or put it into diffuser.

  • For a head ache that is caused by stress: Lavender, marjoram and chamomile. Rub two drops of lavender to your neck, close to the skull and to your temples and back or your ears.
  • For a head ache caused by congestion: Eucalyptus, peppermint and ravensara. Put two drops of marjoram, lavender or peppermint to a tissue and inhale three times deep (not for people with asthma).

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Essential oils for backpain


My story started with essential oils after years of back pain. After years they told me that there is nothing wrong with my back, it’s my hips. I guess it doesn’t matter, I got very familiar with the over the counter medicine as well with the relaxants. Because I also have celiac disease, my stomach couldn’t handle them at all, let alone two weeks at a time as they suggest. So there I was popping pills and eating lactic acid bacteria.

When you go to aroma therapy, they often give you a massage. That does wonders for anybody, but who can afford it or has the money to go there all the time? I needed relief from pain almost every day, especially with a small boy and the job where I was standing the whole day. Peppermint oil works with a lot of people and that also worked with me very quickly. After few moments on the skin, I felt warming sensation. I was very surprised how effective it was! You should almost always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. I always have coconut oil at home, so I usually use that. Other carrier oils work well too, especially when you are just staring out. After some time you can start trying other oils and see, which is the best for your skin type. Very good ones are jojoba oil (especially on your face) and olive oil.

Other good oils for your back pain and other muscle pain are: Basil, Roman camomile, juniper, eucalyptus, pine and marjoram. I haven’t tried those yet, but people really recommend basil. Lavender and sage reduce inflammation. You can put two drops on your bath water and two drops to your steamer to help you sleep at night. For kids under one years old, it’s not recommended to use essential oils for their skin or heavily use a steamer. With kids it’s recommended to use lot of carrier oil and maybe a drop of the essential oil. You should also be careful steaming eucalyptus with small kids. A lot of people are afraid of diluting the essential oil, because of it not working properly after that. Skin however absorbs the essential oil well, even if you use a lot of carrier oil.

When I first started, I was very price conscious and bought cheaper brands. When I got more into it and read more I found Do Terra products.  I use everyday their Deep Blue oil blend. It has peppermint, Ylang Ylang, camomile and other oils in it. I just put two drops on my coconut oil in my hand and I’m ready to apply it. Do Terra also has Deep Blue cream, but I haven’t tried it yet. I was thinking about testing it on some trip of mine. Do Terra’s products have been worth the extra money. They slowly extract the oils from the plants and they don’t add anything artificial in them (which immediately lowers the price of the product). I could smell the difference right away! You can read more about Do Terra’s steaming process in here: