Cleaning with essential oils (vlog)


Greetings from hot Turku! I get often asked about self made cleaners. Why use them instead of cleaners from the store? Do they do a good job with cleaning? I made a short vlog about it. A recipe for the all-purpose cleaner that I talk about in the vlog is here.

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Naturally healthy digestion


Healthy digestion effects on so many things: Food allergies, healthy immune system, quality of sleep, voice etc. In Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda diet healthy digestion is thought to be very important. We often eat too fast processed food and don’t exercise enough.

They recommend in Ayurveda diet lemon and ginger before main meals to activate salivary glands for good digestion. I’ve been drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning for years. I have noticed that it’s good for my sensitive stomach before food.

Prebiotics and probiotics

In the West doctors stress the importance of fiber. Nutritional therapists in Finland recommend that people would get  25-30 grams of fiber a day. Many people don’t get that. Eating whole wheat will help with that.

Nutritional therapist also recommend prebiotics. They are components of food that haven’t been digested. You can get them from fruit and vegetables. They add good bacteria in the gut and they are food for probiotics. 80% of your immune system happens in your intestines. Probiotics are also very important. You can get them from yogurt and fermented food like sauerkraut and kimchi.


Nutritional therapist recommend drinking enough water for those who suffer from bad digestion. The recommendation is 1-1,5 liters a day. In Chinese medicine and indian Ayurveda diet they don’t recommend cold water like we are used to in the West. They feel that the water should be warmer than from the fridge.

Cleansing and improving immune system

Cleansing and fasting is so popular nowadays. I have never really tried that. I decided however to try doTerra’s GX assist cleansing and PB Assist for 10 days each. GX Assist has essential oils in it that cleans intestines and then PB Assist offers probiotics.

The first day I had taken GX Assist, my sensitive stomach was bubbling for sure. After that I didn’t notice anything. I will probably blog after a while and let you guys now, how my trial went and did I notice any changes.

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Essential oils internally


Essential oils have been used internally for a long time and they can be used (responsibly) as a nutrient supplement for different things. I use them internally for better cellular health, improve my immune system and treat my stiff muscles. I used to take anti-inflammatory medicine at least weekly and now I use them mostly two times in many months ( I have bad hips that make my lower back stiff).

If you put cinnamon on to your sour milk or fresh oregano to your pasta, you are getting aromatic compounds internally. Before you take essential oils internally make sure you have 100% pure product in your hands. Essential oils are also very strong. It takes a lot of plants to make a drop! Make sure you follow guidelines to avoid problems. If you are on a medication, pregnant or have an illness, ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to take essential oils internally or on to your skin.

Essential oils go through digestive track very quickly. Different essential oils react differently in the body and they haven’t even found all the ways they work in the body yet. There has been studies in the universities that have found positive results.

  • Essential oils can be used instead of dry ingredients in cooking and baking (remember that essential oils are stronger than dry spices)
  • Essential oils can be added to smoothies, tea, coffee, juices and water (try one drop first)
  • Essential oils can be put into capsules (doTerra has pure veggie capsules)

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Cinnamon essential oil + doTerra Christmas set

In this weak’s vlog I talk about the health benefits of cinnamon and doTerra’s Christmas set that includes cinnamon bark oil. Christmas set also has Wild Orange and Holiday Joy oil blend. Read more from my previous article.

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Essential oils bring Christmas joy!

And for you sceptics out there, true story! Don’t be alarmed about the heading: It’s not Christmas quite yet! I just wanted to write about the doTerra’s Christmas set, because it’s sold out so early every year! If you have ever wanted to try out essential oils, you should go for it with this set. The trio includes: Cinnamon bark, Wild Orange and Holiday joy oil blend.


Cinnamon bark

Cinnamon bark has (addition to its lovely chistmassy smell) a lot of great benefits to your health. It boosts your immune system and it supports your metabolic function. doTerra’s cinnamon bark oil can be used internally. You can put a drop to your tea or some other beverage or put a drop to your wrists with some coconut/ olive oil. The smell of Cinnamon repels insects naturally.


Holiday Joy oil blend

Holiday Joy oil blend has: Wild Orange, Pine (antibacterial, purifies air from bacteria), Cassia (calming), Cinnamon bark, nutmeg (calms and supports good feelings) and vanilla (relaxes and lifts spirits). You can add Holiday joy oil blend to your diffuser and use it as a sent to yourself. Dilute two drops with coconut/ olive oil to your wrists or make your own parfume.


Wild orange

Wild orange is one of the most popular oils of doTerra because it’s energizing sent. Wild orange purifies and supports immune system. It gives energy to your mind and body.

Do you want to get a set? The set has three 5ml bottles. It costs 30 euros. Move fast and email me: sanna.tiisanoja [at]




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Essential oils for athletes


The World Championships for athletes made me think about athletes and essential oils. How could an athlete or somebody who enjoys exercising use their oils? Here are some tips:

  • Relax achy or tired muscles and joints

Peppermint can be used to relax achy muscles and joints. Take couple of drops of peppemint (or doTerra’s Deep Blue oil blend) and mix it to coconut oil or some other carrier oil and massage it to the place you need. You can drink doTerra’s Peppermint oil by adding a drop to water or some other drink. Lavender can be used to relax and recover tired muscles.

  • Boost immune support

Clover and Frankincense has been proven to add white cell account in the laboratories, which helps your body to fight germs. You can add two drops, diluted with carrier oil to your wrists or bottom of your feet, for example. Frankincense also renews cells, so I put a couple of drops to it to my face every evening, double effect!

  • Clean sports gear in a non toxic way

Especially if you have a man in your life who loves to exercise, you may have noticed that sports gear brings extra odor in to your life. Lemon oil disinfects shoes, ends of the clubs and helmets, where there is bacteria. You can either wipe with a cloth with a couple of drops of lemon oil in it or make your own spray with lemon oil, water and maybe some castile soap (or doTerra’s cleaning concentrate). Lemon makes stains fade in the sun, but it can also dilute colors, so be careful with that. If you want to make your whites whiter, that’s a good tip for that purpose. The smell of lemon, makes the sport gear smell nicer.

  • Avoid athlete’s foot and nail fungus or treat them

If you have ever suffered from athlete’s foot or nail fungus, you know those are nasty. Wiping your toe nails and feet with couple of drops of tea tree oil (Melaleuca) you can improve your chances with fight against bacteria. Swimming or showering in public places increases your chances in getting skin infections. Tea tree oil has been used since 1920’s in Australia to treat skin infections. I swim a lot in swimming halls. If I have any cuts in my feets or near my toe nails, I clean them with tea tree oil after to make sure I don’t get any infections.

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Diet according to Chinese Medicine


Today I’m going to write little bit about something else than the oils, because diet is so important to the wellbeing and to me personally. So I was thinking that I’ll make an exception every now and then. I read today an interesting book about chinese medicine, which I’m not familiar with at all. I am vegetarian and I was surprised to learn that chinese medicine encourages people to eat a lot of vegetables. I always thought that chinese food was very meat and fish oriented.

Mostly veggies and grain

Chinese medicine recommends a diet that consists mainly from fresh vegetables and grain. A lot of people would say that eating too much wheat takes their energy away. Chinese medicine tells people to avoid wheat and deep-fried foods. Chinese medicine recommends that half of your food is grains (mostly rice), 20% of veggies, 15% plant protein, 15% fruits and only 5% animal products including milk. That is a completely different food pyramid that 5 million nation of Finns are used to coming from doctors and health care professionals.

I immediately thought about T. Colin Campbell’s book China Study, where he studied chinese diet from chinese people from poor country side to the chinese, whose income rose and they started eating more like westerners. The illnesses that westerners have soon happened to those chinese people. There was also a study about japanese people from first generation people living and eating like japanese people often do to the second generation that moved to Hawaii. Third generation ate already like americans. Same thing happened to their illnesses.

Raw food versus cooked food

At times the raw food movement arises to the surface. According to chinese medicine cooked food not only has more flavor, but it reduces the risk to get sick and improves your immune system (because the nutrients digest better). Raw food has more nutrients and vitamins than cooked food, but according to chinese medicine, body takes better advantage of the nutrients of the cooked food. It is a fact that a lot of stomachs don’t take well big amounts of raw vegetable. We are so alienated from “real food”.

I am a complete newbie in the area of chinese medicine, but some of my friends have tried the diet. I have to say I am intrigued.



Cleaning with essential oils


Are you ready for essential oils?

Yes! Everybody’s favourite topic: Cleaning! So exciting and wonderful! Especially in a family with small kids and pets, where you get to do it almost non stop. What new can essential oils bring to cleaning? Quite a lot!

A lot of people suffer from cleaning head ache and no! It’s not emotional! When you inhale chemicals couple of hours, it’s no wonder if you start to feel it. Because Do Terra’s essential oils are completely natural without anything extra added to them, you and your family  will not inhale any extra toxic chemicals.

As a mother to a toddler it feels good, that my child can’t find anything toxic from the cupboards, even if they get it in their mouth or eyes. Essential oils are strong, but the amount in your self-made cleaning product is small. Kids are also very sensitive to chemicals when they are developing. The research show that different chemicals disturb their neurological development and immune system. Kids also inhale more frequently than adults so the amount of chemicals they get compared to their body weight is much bigger. According to United States Environmental Agency the air at home is 200-500% more polluted than outside, because the house cleaners.

Because you need very little essential oils for your self-made cleaning products (few drops), the cost of the cleaner stays low. Essential oils are powerful and remove dirt well and before all remove unwanted smells. Products are also environmentally friendly. I use the same jars and bottles for my self-made cleaners time and time again (bottle for my laundry detergent, liquid dish soap and my water sprayer).

So what kind of cleaning products do you need for your home? Hmm. Same kind as your great grand mother. Which means: Baking soda, vinegar, Castile Soap (Dr Bronner’s baby, liquid form of Marseille soap or Do terra’s Onguard) and sea salt. In some of the recipes you see people using washing soda (dish tablets and dish powder) or olive and coconut oil.

Best essential oils are for cleaning:

-Lemon, Lime and Wild Orange

–  Eucalyptus and Tea Tree

-Thyme and Peppermint

-Do Terra also has oil blends like: Onguard and Purify blends

My favourite recipe for all-purpose cleaner ( I put it in an old spray bottle):

  • 1/4 Castile Soap/ Liquid Marseille Soap/ Do Terra’s Onguard
  • 1/4 Apple cider vinegar
  • rest water
  • 5 drops of Lemon oil and 5 drops of peppermint (if you used other vinegar than apple cider you can add third oil)