Better sleep with essential oils


Are you ready for the world of essential oils?

Nothing is as easy as sleeping or falling a sleep when you are tired, or is it? Nothing is as terrible as staying awake, when you are super tired and you just can’t fall a sleep. People have different routines and tricks with falling a sleep, but what if you run out of tricks and nothing works? Have you tried essential oils? Could plants be a solution for better sleep for you and your family?

Back with the basics

Make sure first that you are doing things right with the basics. The most important things are healthy foods and exercise. We were made to eat healthy, exercise and sleep. Regardless of our age. Exercise helps you keep your blood pressure down and control your weight. It also helps you sleep. Just don’t exercise too close to your bed time. If you get hungry before going to bed, eat nuts. They have protein and fats in them that release energy and digest slowly. Many people are convinced that routines in a day are important for the kids, but they are important also for the adults, especially if you have trouble falling a sleep. Try to come up with great bed time routine and stick to it for 2-3 weeks and after that you don’t have to keep reminding your self of them.

Say NO to stimulating drinks and electronics before going to bed.

For some people drinking caffeine drinks before going to bed disrupts their sleeping and falling a sleep right away. If you want to drink coffee or tea in the evening, stick with the non caffeine ones, like rooibos and calming herbal tea (like chamomile) without green and black tea. There is some caffeine in white tea also. Same with the nicotine. You need to leave it out few hours before going to bed.

You should empty your bed room of all the electronics. If you want to read before falling a sleep, you should stick to books and magazines. I read newspapers late at night and if I’m not sleepy yet I switch to a book. Make sure also that it’s cool and quiet enough in your bed room. Some people are surprisingly sensitive to any noises from the next room and small amount of light. Trying asleep mask can be a good option.

Calming essential oils

Calming oils are bergamot and lavender. They have linalool in them, which is known to be relaxing. You can also use your steamer in your bedroom (or the kid’s bedroom) by putting two drops in the water. You can use Do Terra’s oils internally to calm your central nerves system or rub it to your temples, wrists or hairline. You can put a couple of drops to your water or tea.