DIY anti age essential oil blend

I noticed after I turned 30 that my thin and dry skin had started to get fine lines. When I started using essential oils I found frankincense to be a wonderful product for my skin. Frankincense is also very expensive product, so I only use it for my face one drop at a time. Frankincense supports healthy cells.

doTerra’s Immortelle oil blend

I thought first that I’m not going to buy doTerra’s Immortelle, because it is pricy and I had my Frankincense. After I had collected some points from doTerra I figured I might as well just give it a go. It has the “king oil” Frankincense, Hawaiian sandal wood, lavender and rose essential oil in it. The roller bottle is very easy to use after my night cream. I wrote about doTerra’s night creams in this blog.

Screenshot_2019-02-27 Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend dōTERRA Essential Oils

DIY “Immortelle”

All good things have to come to and end and so did my doTerra’s Immortelle. Sad face! I decided to go ahead and make my own blend to the same 10 ml roller bottle:

  • 30 drops of doTerra’s Frankincense
  • 30 drops of doTerra’s Ylang Ylang
  • 30 drops of doTerra’s Lavender
  • 30 drops of doTerra’s Geranium

The idea is not to put it all over your face, but just few drops somewhere. I have very sensitive skin, so I should have maybe put little bit less of the oils and added some doTerra’s fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil in the bottle. Once I use more of it, I will add more coconut oil in it. DoTerra’s fractionated coconut oil stays in liquid form in all temperatures. If you suffer from acne or spots in your face, coconut oil is not the best option for you. It might block your pores.

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