Essential oil for pollen allergy?


How many of us suffer from pollen allergy? Quite many! I had no idea what pollen allergy even was few years back until it started getting worse and worse . Sometimes I’ll get an easier year with the rains. Who gets tired with allergy meds? Probably quite many, especially if you are expected to eat those every day with the bad season. Essential oils have good options for pollen allergy. One of them even increases energy!

  1. Peppermint Diffused peppermint opens clogged nose and helps with throat. Peppermint helps with allergies, colds, cuffs and asthma (be careful with kids with asthma). You can take two drops of doTerra’s peppermint oil internally couple of times a day (I mix mine with a drink of smoothie, some people put it under their tongue).
  2. Basil helps with body’s inflammation. I have been happy with basil oil fighting pollen allergy with my small son lately. I’ll put a drop to coconut oil and onto his spine couple of times a day. I’ll put two drops for myself. Basil supports adrenal glands, that produce 50 different hormones in our body. Basil supports our bodies against viruses and bacteria while helping with inflammation and fatigue.
  3. Eucalyptus helps to open lungs and airways. Eucalyptus activates blood stream and therefore helps with allergy symptoms. Eucalyptus reduces inflammation and detoxes body from toxins and bad micro organisms that work as allergens. You can diffuse eucalyptus or put two drops to carrier oil and put it on to your body. Don’t use internally!
  4. Lemon supports lymphatic system and therefore helps with colds. Lemon kills bacteria from air, which is good if somebody in the family has caught a cold. The research shows that lemon oil reduces bacteria growth and supports immune system. It also helps balance body’s pH level. I drink hot lemon water everyday first thing in the morning. Lemon oil supports liver and helps detoxify body’s toxins. You can diffuse lemon oil, add two drops to your drink or add two drops to a carrier oil and put it onto your body. If you put it onto your skin, be careful with the sun!
  5. Tea tree oil helps purify air from germs. Diffusing tea tree oil, it will kill bacteria and mole. Tea tree oil is antiseptic (works well with cuts and mosquito bites) and reduces inflammation. doTerra’s tea tree oil (Melaleuca) can also be internally consumed (two drops to a drink or under your tongue)

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Essential oils for flu and colds?


Are you ready for the world of essential oils?

There are great remedies for flu and colds in the world of plants. Many nationalities have been mixing herbs and plants to drinks to gain health benefits since the beginning of times. What are good remedies for upcoming colds?


In the Middle and Far East they have been using ginger for thousands of years. Also in Chinese medicine they use it to treat many things. Ginger is great for flu in the beginning of the cold and during it. You can grade it to the food and sauces. You can cut a thumb size peace to a hot or cold water. If you like you can add honey or lemon in it (You can digest Do Terra’s lemon and ginger essential oils, so one option is to just add a drop or two of them in the hot water). I think it’s convenient to always have them at hand.

If you suffer from coldness, ginger is a great help for that. It also has a cooling effect. Ginger helps to improve your appetite and regulate fluid balance. Ginger reduces flatulence and nausea. It makes your stomach stronger and releases mucus. It also reduces pain in the throat and activates blood flow. A real super herb!!

If you want to release mucus, you should put two drops of peppermint or eucalyptus to your carrier oil and rub it to your back and chest (also Do Terra’s Breath oil blend). It’s NOT recommended to do that for babies or small kids or people with asthma! Essential oils are very powerful!

How to avoid the flu?

If somebody in the family has flu, you should put purifying essential oils to your steamer, for example lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus (Do Terra also has oil blends called Shield and On guard). You can also put two drops of these oils to bottom of your and your kids’ feet. Some of the hospitals have started to use steamers with essential oils also in the west to purify the air.

3% hydrogen peroxide is readily available in your pharmacy. You can rinse family’s toothbrushes with that and put a drop or two to your ear if needed. I use hydrogen peroxide in my self made cleaning products, like in all-purpose cleaner and dish soap (But more about that later!). A human body produces hydrogen peroxide, when fighting disease, so it’s very natural product.