Gift idea from essential oils: Shower bomb

Hello everybody!

Here is an easy gift idea for Christmas or pampering yourself in the shower. A lot of people don’t have a bath, so here is some “aroma therapy” for the shower. A shower bomb dissolves into the water and brings “aroma”. You can use any essential oils for the recipe that you wish. I have a vlog, where I show how to make this recipe in Finnish, but you can watch it muted too) If you want to open the air ways or cheer up, peppermint and eucalyptus are great. Lavender is calming for the night. Citrus fruits bring freshness and energy.



1 portion (the amount of the bombs depends on their size, but there should be enough for one silicon tray)

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1/3 cup of distilled water
  • 25 drops of doTerra’s essential oils

Mix them all together and make an even mixture. It needs to be pretty thick. Add more baking soda if needed. I had to add some! Divide the mixture to silicon trays and let it dry for 12-15 hours.

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4 Ways to get healthier air at home



I remember when my little Lassi was not around yet, I wasn’t really thinking about the safety of my home. When cats came along, I was thinking about the wires and toxic bottles that they could lick or poor on to themselves. When Lassi started putting everything into his mouth and was licking all the surfaces, I started thinking what was in my cleaners and were those chemicals healthy for me either. American study said that the air inside is five times more polluted than the air outside, because of chemicals. Here are four ways to improve the air at home:

  • Get rid of the carpets. Carpets collect dust mites, that can cause asthma and eczemas.
  • Ventilate air regularly. Dust mites enjoy the standing air of central heated home. They also like the air of damp houses.
  • Get house plants. House plants love air and can take out toxins from it. Effective house plants for cleaning air are: Chlorophytum, chrysanthemum, coconut-tree and gerbera.
  • Make your own cleaners. Even more natural cleaners can have artificial fragrances that are not good for you.

Diffusing essential oils

If you want to use essential oils aromatically, which means inhaling them, you can affect your mood. You can also inhale oils from your hands. If you need something uplifting, good oils are: Peppermint, wild orange and lemon grass. If you want to get calmer in the evening, good oils are lavender and vativer. Oils for good mood are: Vativer, wild orange and Ylang ylang.

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Essential oils for backpain


My story started with essential oils after years of back pain. After years they told me that there is nothing wrong with my back, it’s my hips. I guess it doesn’t matter, I got very familiar with the over the counter medicine as well with the relaxants. Because I also have celiac disease, my stomach couldn’t handle them at all, let alone two weeks at a time as they suggest. So there I was popping pills and eating lactic acid bacteria.

When you go to aroma therapy, they often give you a massage. That does wonders for anybody, but who can afford it or has the money to go there all the time? I needed relief from pain almost every day, especially with a small boy and the job where I was standing the whole day. Peppermint oil works with a lot of people and that also worked with me very quickly. After few moments on the skin, I felt warming sensation. I was very surprised how effective it was! You should almost always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. I always have coconut oil at home, so I usually use that. Other carrier oils work well too, especially when you are just staring out. After some time you can start trying other oils and see, which is the best for your skin type. Very good ones are jojoba oil (especially on your face) and olive oil.

Other good oils for your back pain and other muscle pain are: Basil, Roman camomile, juniper, eucalyptus, pine and marjoram. I haven’t tried those yet, but people really recommend basil. Lavender and sage reduce inflammation. You can put two drops on your bath water and two drops to your steamer to help you sleep at night. For kids under one years old, it’s not recommended to use essential oils for their skin or heavily use a steamer. With kids it’s recommended to use lot of carrier oil and maybe a drop of the essential oil. You should also be careful steaming eucalyptus with small kids. A lot of people are afraid of diluting the essential oil, because of it not working properly after that. Skin however absorbs the essential oil well, even if you use a lot of carrier oil.

When I first started, I was very price conscious and bought cheaper brands. When I got more into it and read more I found Do Terra products.  I use everyday their Deep Blue oil blend. It has peppermint, Ylang Ylang, camomile and other oils in it. I just put two drops on my coconut oil in my hand and I’m ready to apply it. Do Terra also has Deep Blue cream, but I haven’t tried it yet. I was thinking about testing it on some trip of mine. Do Terra’s products have been worth the extra money. They slowly extract the oils from the plants and they don’t add anything artificial in them (which immediately lowers the price of the product). I could smell the difference right away! You can read more about Do Terra’s steaming process in here: