It’s been a while since I last posted! 🙂 My community garden has taken up all of my free time, since I didn’t take any summer vacation this year. I thought I would post few times about essential oils in the home. I start from the bathroom.

Essential oils in the bathroom

Tea tree oil (doTerras Melaleuca)

-Disinfects irritated skin and wounds

-Great for oily skin (make sure that the carrier oil doesn’t clogg your pores)

-Terrashield oil blend protects skin from mosquito bites and bacteria. It’s great for irritated skin (remember to dilute). Terra shield has Ylang ylang, cypress, eucalyptus and vanilla. I don’t recommend for defusing, but we are constantly using it also in our cabin with my kid.

Onguard -spray, cleaning concentrate and foaming hand wash

Onguard spray for disinfecting is without any extra chemicals! It has alcohol, citrus, clove and cinnamon bark in it. Put an extra one in your hand bag!

Onguard cleaning concentrate is in constant use in our home! I delute it in a spray bottle with 1/4 of doTerra cleaning concentrate and rest water. A splash of vinegar to go a long with it. I clean all of my house from kitchen to bathroom with it. No extra chemicals. Onguard cleaning concentrate has citrus, clove and cinnamon bark in it.

Onguard foaming hand soap protects your hands from germs naturally. It really lasts for a long time. I use 1/4 Onguard hand wash and rest of it water. It has citrus, clove and cinnamon bark in it.


You can add it to natural hand wash, bath soap and bath oil. It is such a relaxing oil. You can add two drops of lavender to dryer balls after your clothes are half dry.

Deep Blue cream

Very effective peppermint based cream for muscle and joint pain. I don’t recommend it going to bed, it might keep you up! -) Wash your hands well after applying it!

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