If you want to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home or chemicals also give you a head ache like me, here is a recipe for DIY natural stain remover. (I made a blog post, where I talk more about natural cleaning earlier)


You will need:

  • Natural liquid soap (good ones are for example: Dr Bronner’s baby and doTerra’s Onguard cleaning concentrate)
  • Baking soda
  • hydrogen peroxide (in Finland you can get that from pharmacy)
  • airtight plastic or glass container, if you want to make more
  • lemon essential oil for smelly stains (or doTerra’s Purify oil blend)

Mix together 1/3 of your wanted amount liquid soap and 2/3 hydrogen peroxide. Add baking soda one table-spoon at a time until you have a paste. Add few drops of lemon essential oil.

Put a generous amount to the stain and use an old tooth-brush. Do both sides of the fabric. Leave it for an hour and then throw it to the washer. Make sure that the stain is gone before putting it to the drier (drier dries the stain really hard).

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