I have noticed that I use essential oils more and more, when I write my articles. I have always had some problems focusing that I have learned to live with, but essential oils have definitely brought some extra help, when I need to get my work done. Citrus oils are also wonderful, when you need little energy boost. I always get my diffuser going at my work desk, but I also often put oil blends to my wrists.


Frankincense, sandalwood and lime bring clarity to those with problems with focusing. Roman chamomile, patchouli and ylang ylang are calming to the mind. Mix drop or two to the table-spoon of coconut oil and rub it to your temples or back of the neck. You should also inhale the oil blend couple of times before you put it on to your skin. You can also put couple of drops to your diffuser. doTerra also has an oilblend called Intune that you can use for this purpose.

Lack of motivation and frustration

If you are having trouble with focusing because of lack of motivation or you are feeling frustrated: Peppermint, peel of clementine and coriander seed oil give great boost during day or first thing in the morning (you can also use them before competitions). The scent combination is very fresh, clean and minty. Put a drop or two to a table-spoon of coconut oil and on to your wrists. Inhale first. You can also put the oil blend to bottom of your feet or to the diffuser. doTerra also has an oil blend called Motivate.

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