One of the challenges in living in today’s world is definitely keeping positive outlook in life and staying happy. Even if we have more money and spare time from work and safer environment than people did decades ago, stress and comparing ourselves to everybody else takes the joy out of our lives. Being in better mood reduces stress and improves health. Even if you don’t own a diffuser, you can inhale essential oils from your skin or from bath water. You can dilute them into your skin and most of doTerra’s oils you can use internally.

For stress:

  • Rub two drops of frankincense to the bottoms of your feet (remember to dilute)
  • Put two drops of doTerra’s Roman chamomile into your tea (if you use some other brand, make sure that you can use their product internally)
  • Rub two drops of vetiver and lavender into your skin (remember to dilute)

For anger:

  • Rub patchouli to your temples or bottoms of your feet (remember to dilute)
  • Put few drops of Ylang Ylang to your foot bath

For nervousness and restlessness

  • Rub two drops of rosemary to your wrists diluted or put them into diffuser
  • Put few drops of lavender to your bath water or into your self-made shower gel
  • Put doTerra’s Balance oil blend to your neck, wrists or diffuser (remember to dilute for your skin). This is my favourite blend right now for my 2 year old’s mood swings (also helps me).

For sadness

  • Put two drops of sandalwood to your neck diluted or diffuse
  • Put doTerra’s Elevation blend to diffuser

Recipe for people with difficulties to focus:

For a palm of coconut oil

  • drop of vetiver
  • drop of lavender
  • drop of sandalwood

and massage it into your skin. You can also put those oils into your diffuser. DoTerra has an oilblend called Intune for focusing.

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