Different problems with feet

Celluses, infected bunions and ingrown toenails can be painful, even every day. Especially if you work on your feet. You can relief problems with feet with essential oils, walking bare foot and going to pedicurist.


Calluses are thickened skin and dead skin cells. There can be a hard core in the calluse that is from dead skin cells and points to live tissue. That can cause pain, when it hits nerves. Rub few drops of lemon oil to the calluse. Cover it with something for 20 minutes.

Calluses in feet and hands

Calluses that don’t have hard core, don’t often hurt, unless they are in a difficult spot. They might cause the feet to get more tired also. Calluses may cause the weight not to get evenly distributed. People who work with their hands or play instruments can get calluses in their hands. You can treat them same way with lemon oil.

Infected bunion

Infected bunion is located in the side of the big toe. It can be red or soar. Some people get their bunion infected more easily in wrong kid of shoes. Two drops of tea tree oil will help with treating broken skin. You can also put your feet in the hot water, where there is few drops of tea tree oil.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails can press against skin tissue that can cause pain and inflammation. Sometimes right cutting technique can help with the problem. Don’t cut the toenails too short and always cut them straight horizontally. Don’t make them round in the edges. You can soak inflamed toenail in a hot water that has few drops of tea tree oil.


Tips for taking care of your feet:

  • Soften your calluses in a hot water and try to reduce them softly with foot scraper.
  • By adding two drops of lavender to coconut oil, you can get a wonderful foot lotion.
  • You can pirk up your feet by putting two drops of peppermint oil to your foot lotion/coconut oil.
  • If you suffer from sweaty feet, bathe your feet daily in a sea salt water. You can add two drops of eucalyptus/ peppermint.
  • You can increase the blood stream in your feet by rubbing them. While you put your lotion in them, rub them at the same time.

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