Why you should diffuse essential oils? To receive aromatic benefits! Our sence of smell affects very deeply to our emotions and memory. You can smell your oils from your hands (or from bottle) with the same effect. A diffuser usually runs up to three hours with one go. Essential oils reach your brain in ten seconds. Lavender has very calming effect, citrus fruits have lifting and so on. You can get more interesting scents by mixing oils and also different results.  I am waiting for my first diffuser very impatiently! It’s coming soon! Here are some recipes that I thought I would first try (these amounts are for full diffuser with clean doTerra oils):

Morning wake up:

  • 2 drops of lime
  • 2 drops of peppermint


For focusing:

  • drop of peppermint
  • drop of cinnamon
  • drop of frankincense

For allergies:

  • drop of lavender
  • drop of peppermint
  • drop of lemon

For easy breathing:

  • drop of lemon
  • drop of lime
  • drop of rosemary
  • drop of clove
  • drop of eucalyptus


  • drop of doTerra’s Onguard oil blend
  • drop of do Terra’s Breath oil blend

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