Animals react as well to essential oils as humans. Essential oils have an effect on emotions and stress.We all know how smells influence straight away on our emotions. If we smell something gross or something wonderful. If we smell something uplifting or something delicious. Are memory of all the smells is extremely large and those memories makes us feel things. People who compete in dressage will use calming essential oils like chamomile or lavender just before the contest with their horses (DoTerra also has an oil blend called Serenity).

You can also use aromatherapy for your animals just as well as for yourself when treating cuts, calming them when travelling or other stressful situations and taking care of their skin. Just make sure that your animal doesn’t need immediate care from your vet.

Treating cuts and taking care of your animal’s skin and your own

Good oil for treating cuts is Melaleuca. It cleans the wound and reduces the infection. It’s good one to try at first, when the wound is fresh. If the cut is longer you can take two drops of essential oil and dilute it to some carrier oil. Lavender works great also to skin irritation. It calms irritated, burnt or damaged skin. If you want more antiseptic care, frankincense is your oil. Helichrysum doesn’t let your wound become septic.

Calming an animal in stressful situation

Lavender calms addition to adults and children also your stressful pet. Valeriana and vetiver are calming too. They mimic the naturally calming GABA transmitter. You can put your essential oil to the steamer or put a drop to your own fingers and let your animal smell it. If it’s a larger animal, you can rub a drop on top of their nose.


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