Are you ready for the world of essential oils?

When you have been testing out your essential oils, you might stop and wonder what would be the best carrier oil? People use different vegetable and nut oils as carrier oils that dilute the essential oils that are full of power. You should always dilute your essential oils to avoid skin irritation. Especially with kids, seniors and people with sensitive skin diluting is always recommended. I always dilute my essential oils on my skin, except maybe with mosquito bites (I’ll put a drop of tea tree oil on the bite). Skin absorbs the essential oils very effectively, so you don’t have to worry about diluting. You will get the benefit from your essential oils! Using carrier oils also gives you also an opportunity to get great benefits from the carrier oils.

Wheat germ oil 

There is a lot of vitamins B and E in a wheat germ oil. Vitamin E prevent skin cells from aging, so it goes together beautifully with frankincense oil that does wonders to the cells. In a massage you mix wheat germ oil 10% of your other carrier oil and add two drops of essential oils. Calming lavender is always great in skin care.

Avocado oil

Avocado has a lot of vitamins A, B and D in it that are all beneficial to the skin. Avocado oil has a strong sent, so you should mix it 5-10% of your other carrier oil. Just add two drops of your essential oils and your self-made avocado oil mixture is ready to work for you! Avocado oil is great for people who are allergic to wheat so they can’t use wheat germ oil.

Jojoba oil

My own favourite for the face! Jojoba oil is not really an oil, but a liquid wax, that is gained from  Simmondsia Schinensis seeds. Jojoba is amazing for the dry and atopic skin. It works so effectively! You should mix jojoba oil at the most 10% of your other carrier oil. Jojoba oil is great for long and dry hair. You can get a great oil treatment for your hair with just mixing jojoba oil to some other carrier oil and adding two drops of your favourite essential oils.

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil absorbs very well to your skin. It is very clean and light. Grape sead oil is great for young and acne skin. Tea tree, lavender (calming) and lemon oils (if you want to cleanse) go together well with grape sead oil if you have the skin with impurities.

Almond oil

Almond oil is great for people with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin can tolerate almond oil usually well. Almond oil is also great for aging and wrinkly skin. Sweet almond oil has vitamins A, B and little bit E. Almond oil also had fat acids in it.

Bath oil

You can use the same mixing ratio in bath oil as in massage oil. Three essential oils are recommended at the most in a bath at the same time to maximise the aromatic impact. If you would like to influence your mood, you can select essential oils based on that or thinking of your skin care for instance.


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